A short story isn’t a shorter version of a long story. Focus and brevity are its strength. A “short story video” delivers the message with a rewarding experience in exchange for the viewer's attention: a video with a point.


Why Video?

Today, a business must be visible, searchable and easily “found” through its web site design and content. Video as part of your online marketing content helps achieve this. On a more human level video helps you make a positive contribution of perspective to your customers and constituencies — expressing who you are through a topic or issue of common interest.

While search engine visibility is critical, as marketers become more search savvy (SEO driven), of growing importance is the need to separate from the pack of “top” search results. The searching customer wants more than to be led to a company with strong SEO disciplines. Ultimately, they want the best company to fulfill their need; a company they can relate to, admire and trust. The ability to be found is important, but so is the need to connect, be understood and preferred by the searching customer. Video can help you excel on the scale of: “who are you and what do you stand for?”


How it works:

We help you tell your story; give customers and prospects a look around; express your personality, attitude and philosophy of your business; provide facts focusing on true differences: what you do; how you do it; what makes you unique; your latest improvement and how it makes a difference — the points that make you unique that even the best search engines can't identify — and get them out there for people to see. While communicating and clarifying your message externally, you'll also be reminding employees what your organization stands for.

We draw from a combination of skills and experience to deliver the necessary substance and visual impact:

Short Story Video gets to the heart of your company, institution, idea or product — whatever it takes in terms of content, seconds or minutes — but not a word or second more than needed.

Short Story Video from Kucia Short Story Video from Kucia